LS101 Zero: What Inspired Life Stuff 101? The Big Life Changing ‘Aha’ Moment

From working the corporate 9 to 5… to a lack of personal fulfillment… to stepping outside the comfort zone… to a commitment to meaningful, and mind- and heart-expanding work.

It’s not just about work, but your host, Mio, has come a long way from feeling somewhat directionless and restless in life to becoming clear about her personal mission to spread the message for each and every one of us to make mental wellness, personal development and self awareness a top priority.

In this episode, learn what happened when she impulsively decided to step out of her comfort zone to push herself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Spoiler alert: It all leads directly to you listening to this podcast!

By sharing these types of personal stories, the hope is that it will inspire you to know that there’s a lot of life stuff that’s available to learn, to move you toward deeper fulfillment and better personal wellness overall.

If you haven’t already, learn more about what Life Stuff 101 is all about in the LS101 Intro Episode.

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