LS101 Snackable 07: What is the Big Five Personality Model?

Welcome to a Life Stuff 101 Snackable episode!

If you had listened to the last Snackable episode about extroversion and introversion, you may have heard us briefly mentioning the Big Five Personality model.

And if you were curious about it and looking to find out a little more, you’ll be listening to us getting into a bit more of the details around the Big Five Personality model in this episode.

Since this is a Snackable episode, by no means, is this meant to be a comprehensive discussion about it.

I also want to be sure to mention that I think of these tests as data about ourselves that can give us some feedback which in turn can help us understand ourselves a bit better. 

None of these tests have the complete ability to give you an entire picture of your personality, but they can be informative and if something resonates for you based on the results, it can give you some directions to explore.

If you’re interested in learning more about this personality model, here are some additional resources:
The Big Five Personality (wiki)
Big 5 Personality Traits (Psychology Today)
Take the test: Open-Source Psychometrics Project
Take a paid test (not a affiliate link): Truity

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