LS101 Intro: What is Life Stuff 101? Your Host, Mio Yokoi, Explains.

So what’s up with Life Stuff 101?

Your host, Supporter of Growth and psychotherapist, Mio Yokoi will explain.

Whether you’re someone dedicated to your overall health including your mental wellness or someone curious about how other people, just like you, experience and think about personal development, introducing you to Life Stuff 101 bringing you mind and self expanding goodness every week.

Mio will also talk about what’s inspired her to start this journey and the Big Audacious Mission (BAM — just came up with that, so you won’t hear it that way in the episode!) that she got clear on now that this podcast is finally up and running.

Hope we make a good first impression and don’t forget to subscribe so you’re up-to-date on future episodes!

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