LS101 004: Clarifying Art Therapy and Going ‘Full Circle’ with Pearl Lee

Pearl Lee is an art therapist and co-founder of the Full Circle Art Therapy Centre located in Toronto, Canada.

Pearl provides a thorough description of art therapy and hopefully this episode will provide some valuable knowledge and insights about this form of therapy for you, too.

In this episode Pearl shares how art therapy can be beneficial to find alternate forms of expression for someone who may have perfectionistic tendencies, those looking to work through mental and emotional difficulties not just with words along, and even for those who have difficulties with engaging in communication through visual art.

Pearl guides us through explaining the process of what an art therapy session would be like: It’s not about focusing on the end product (which i believe to be a universal truth), the importance of familiarizing and finding an acceptance of ourselves with the unknown or fears, how through art therapy it is possible to create the separation between ourselves and whatever challenge it is that we may internally be experiencing.

Pearl also talks about misconceptions and stereotypes connected to art therapy such as the use of #arttherapy on social media and the popularity of colouring books for stress relief.

As co-founder of Full Circle Art Centre, Pearl also discusses the Centre’s mission to provide accessible therapy and programs she is developing to support “preemptive mental health care”.

Right off the top, Pearl also shares a weekly practice that is part of her self-care routine and be sure to listen to the end of our chat where she recommends her go-to resources and the one thing she had wished she learned earlier in life.

You can learn more about Pearl and Full Circle Art Therapy Centre here.

More detailed show notes for this episode can be found here: LS101 Episode Featuring: Pearl Lee.

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