Being Careful with Alcohol Especially During the Holidays

There can be A LOT going on during the holidays: Social events, family obligations, full schedules, financial strains, loneliness, social anxiety… and as a result: maybe overindulgence or overconsumption of too much alcohol.

What is Dopamine Fasting?

There’s been plenty of media coverage (including the National Post) recently for something called Dopamine Fasting. Since stress is a concern that many of us have on an ongoing basis, I thought it might be a useful idea for us to explore.

Stress: Understand It Better

Understanding stress better: Biologically speaking, the reason why we experience stress is as a survival mechanism. Experiencing stress is our body’s way of letting us know that there’s something for us to pay attention to.

The #SheTheNorth Bianca Effect

As much as Bianca’s US Open will be something she will undoubtedly look back on as a HUGE personal and professional accomplishment, this isn’t where she’s going to stop.

Necessity of Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to all forms of intelligence (whether it’s rational, physical, creative or emotional), it is my belief that many people believe that we either have it or we don’t.

The Problems with People Pleasing

In some ways, people pleasing tendencies *can seem* like a good thing. But for many people who fall under the description of being a “people pleaser”, it can be stressful, exhausting and depleting.

Ask the Right Questions

A lot of the times we can feel as though we don’t have choices because we’re not asking ourselves the kinds of questions that lead to different perspectives, which can then evolve into changes.

Choices are Powerful

While we don’t always have a choice regarding our circumstances, we can understand what choices are available to us and that we have the choice as to how we decide to deal with our circumstances.