LS101 08: Vulnerability, Love Letters & Hobbits with Mio Yokoi

Welcome to another episode of Life Stuff 101, devoted to sharing stories and insights to inspire you to always make your mental and emotional wellness a top priority. 

I wanted to start this podcast because it’s my desire to make a difference: Even if it is just a smallest of pebbles thrown into a massive pond, but it’s my hope that there will be ripples that will have some resonance, somehow, some way.

So, this episode is my love letter to you.

No, I’m not coming on to you. And this isn’t some woo-woo stuff either.

But when’s the last time you received or wrote a love letter?  And why are love letters so powerful?  

Because I imagine that even the least sentimental of us feel are at least curious about receiving a love letter.

I believe the power of lover letters are in the sense of connection we feel. A deep sense of being appreciated. An intimacy of knowing that we are treasured, lovable.

But what does any of this have to do with Hobbits?

Find out how I’ve managed to weaver together all these disparate things together to hopefully make some coherent sense.

I know, I often wonder about how my mind works, too.

Find out how I’ve managed to weaver together all these disparate things together to hopefully make some coherent sense.

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LS101 Snackable 07: What is the Big Five Personality Model?

Welcome to a Life Stuff 101 Snackable episode!

If you had listened to the last Snackable episode about extroversion and introversion, you may have heard us briefly mentioning the Big Five Personality model.

And if you were curious about it and looking to find out a little more, you’ll be listening to us getting into a bit more of the details around the Big Five Personality model in this episode.

Since this is a Snackable episode, by no means, is this meant to be a comprehensive discussion about it.

I also want to be sure to mention that I think of these tests as data about ourselves that can give us some feedback which in turn can help us understand ourselves a bit better. 

None of these tests have the complete ability to give you an entire picture of your personality, but they can be informative and if something resonates for you based on the results, it can give you some directions to explore.

If you’re interested in learning more about this personality model, here are some additional resources:
The Big Five Personality (wiki)
Big 5 Personality Traits (Psychology Today)
Take the test: Open-Source Psychometrics Project
Take a paid test (not a affiliate link): Truity

LS101 06: Behind the Scenes of Healthcare with Healthcare IT Specialist Torrell Pauley

Today, we’re joined by Torrell Pauley who is a Healthcare IT professional who has a podcast called Careers in Healthcare and he also has a channel on YouTube dedicated to some of the technicalities of healthcare IT.

This was a fascinating conversation for me to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the inner workings of healthcare from the IT perspective.

It was also a good reminder to me that even though certain massive systems, like healthcare, can sometimes be frustrating to navigate, there are always individuals who work directly with patients, as well as those many people behind the scenes who are dedicated to improving the patient experience.

Having worked in the field for over 13 years, he talks about some of the major changes he’s witnessed over time.

Torrell also shares his love of learning and how having conversations with others in his field which has inspired him to start his podcast, highlighting the many individuals who work in healthcare.

Be sure to listen to the end of our conversation where he recommends two resources to learn more about entrepreneurship and the big life lesson he wished he had learned in school.

Careers in Healthcare Podcast
Roberto Blake
Pat Flynn
Boyce Watkins

LS101 Intro: What is Life Stuff 101? Your Host, Mio Yokoi, Explains.

So what’s up with Life Stuff 101?

Your host, Supporter of Growth and psychotherapist, Mio Yokoi will explain.

Whether you’re someone dedicated to your overall health including your mental wellness or someone curious about how other people, just like you, experience and think about personal development, introducing you to Life Stuff 101 bringing you mind and self expanding goodness every week.

Mio will also talk about what’s inspired her to start this journey and the Big Audacious Mission (BAM — just came up with that, so you won’t hear it that way in the episode!) that she got clear on now that this podcast is finally up and running.

Hope we make a good first impression and don’t forget to subscribe so you’re up-to-date on future episodes!

Life Stuff 101 Podcast is Live!

Welcome to the Life Stuff 101 podcast.

It’s the podcast devoted to sharing stories and insights to inspire you to always make your mental and emotional wellness a top priority.

Hosted by me: Supporter of Growth and psychotherapist, Mio Yokoi.

I will be featuring mind expanding conversations, as well as personal and professional tips and experiences.

Because we all have those moments when we think, “I wish I had known that earlier in life,” that’s what Life Stuff 101 is all about.

Let’s join together to dedicate on-going care of our mental wellness, personal development and self-awareness in the same way we consider and take care of our physical health.

Listen right now by clicking here.

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Life Stuff 101 Podcast – Launching Soon

Now you can get more of my stylings, musings and knowledge blasting. This time for your ears! And it won’t just be me!

I’ll be exploring all the life stuff that would’ve been nice to know… Chatting with others who have life lessons, experiences and expertise to share, and I’ll be sharing some things I’ve picked up along the way, too.

Because we’ve all been there, that thought: “Why didn’t I figure this out sooner?”

So much stuff to life and so much to help keeping us growing.

And it’s LAUNCHING SOOOOOOOOON… September 5th in fact.

But you, dear reader, don’t have to wait a moment longer. For you, I’d like to send you my special preview episode that I’ve put together where I talk about some of my ‘behind the scenes’ challenges of getting my podcast started.

Please join me!! As soon as you sign up below, I will be sending you your free preview access immediately: