What is the Big Five Personality Inventory?

With a name like The Big 5, I know that it can pique people’s curiosity, so I thought it’d be interesting to discuss here in more details about the Five Factor Personality Model.

Coping with Grief and Loss

I was deeply touched by the conversation featured with Erin Davis on The Spin last week. She spoke so generously about her experiences of losing and grieving her daughter in an unexpected way a few years ago.

What to Expect When Seeking Mental Health Help: Part 1

Specifically here in Ontario, I believe that one of the biggest challenges of figuring out how to get help is the fact that it’s really confusing to know how and where to get it, and also, what’s the help that’s actually available.

Men’s Mental and Emotional Health

During my psychotherapy training, I remember a distinct moment learning that 1 in 4 men are affected by a mental health issue in Canada.

Relationships: Understanding & Making Them Better

There are different relationship phases and our experiences of the same relationship changes over time and understanding that there are different relationship phases can be helpful.

Winter Blues & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

With winter having squarely arrived in our part of the world, today we are going to discuss the Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and a few tips to hopefully help with manage feeling the blues during this time of year.