The Problems with People Pleasing

In some ways, people pleasing tendencies *can seem* like a good thing. But for many people who fall under the description of being a “people pleaser”, it can be stressful, exhausting and depleting.

Ask the Right Questions

A lot of the times we can feel as though we don’t have choices because we’re not asking ourselves the kinds of questions that lead to different perspectives, which can then evolve into changes.

Choices are Powerful

While we don’t always have a choice regarding our circumstances, we can understand what choices are available to us and that we have the choice as to how we decide to deal with our circumstances.

Why Do We Worry About What Others Think?

Wanting feelings of approval are common to most of us. Nearly everyone is worried to some extent about how they appear to other people. But when is it too much?

Why is Change So Hard?

When it comes to actively making changes, this can be more challenging for so many of us. Why is that we have such a hard time with making changes?