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If you are striving to build a strong foundation for health and wellness in your life, you’re in the right place.

Built from the belief that “Prevention is the Best Medicine,” my goal is to provide you with actionable information, support and thoughts to ponder toward building a solid foundation for your mental wellness and overall health.

Listen below for a behind-the-scenes interview I gave talking about my passion for supporting as many people as possible to amplify solid wellness by kickstarting mental fitness and resilience.

Wellness Wednesdays on The Spin

Every Wednesday from 4pm-7pm on 960AM on The Spin, I join hosts Barry Davis and Michelle Sturino to talk about building a solid mental health foundation on Wellness Wednesdays.

Check out the Solid Blog for the latest episode and show notes.

About Solid Wellness

My Mission Statement: My goal is to inspire as many people as possible to live their best lives by supporting the ability to build a solid foundation for mental wellness and overall health.

In service of my mission statement, Solid Wellness will be providing resources, awareness and building a community to help individuals feel more connected and supported on an on-ongoing basis — a crucial ingredient of the mix to building and sustaining a strong foundation.

My name is Mio Yokoi and I have been working individually with clients to build a solid foundation for mental and emotional health since 2009. I am a Wellness Coach and Registered Psychotherapist.

As I enter over 10 years of working with clients 1-on-1, I am now also in the process of building and providing a resource that will provide a community for those interested in sustaining a healthy approach to emotional and mental health called Solid Together.

If you would like to be updated on the progress of Solid Together and a weekly newsletter called Three-Tips Tuesday it takes only a few moments to sign up for details that can make a long-lasting impact on your overall wellness.

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Three-Tips Tuesdays

Three-Tips Tuesdays is a super short weekly email sent every Tuesday (duh!).

Each weekly message will include tips, information, books, articles, stories, suggestions, and new ideas I may have come across to help maintain the foundation for your solid wellness.

Or maybe something that might just bring a little lightness to your day.

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Blogs and Updates and More… OH MY!

Seems I am in a Wizard of Oz frame of mind!

And why not? As we all do in life, Dorothy exemplified for us our need to embark on the journey to learn for ourselves what’s most important in our lives.

For many of us, like Dorothy, it’s connection and home. And maybe Solid Wellness can be a part of your sense of connection and home online.

I hope you find valuable resources here that will have you continue to come back to this little home online as I continue to build, update and remodel.